URL link to NS Deferment for Ben Davis to Develop Singapore Football Talent


While this Government is giving citizenships freely to third world country people, I find it particularly disturbing that one of our own sons has to give up his citizenship to pursue his dream career and a chance to represent and bring glory to Singapore, such is the many ironies that often baffle me that have seen happening over and over again. The petition has crossed 18,000 and counting. Pls support your own born and bred fellow countryman!


“While they (MINDEF) can assume that Ben has no intention of returning because no date was stated, we can similarly say that Ben has also taken actions to show that he’s committed to returning – he came back specially on a one-day trip for a pre-enlistment medical check up and spoke numerous times of his aspirations to represent Singapore. His father, Harvey Davis, has also emphasized many times that they’re not asking for an exemption but a deferment; that his eldest son has already fulfilled his duties and Ben intends to do so as well.”