Useful Singapore Websites

Here is a list of Singapore websites that are most useful in your everyday dealings in Singapore. It is by no means exhaustive. We welcome suggestions and inputs to improve this list. Use CTRL-F to search for keywords, e.g. to find info on registering a business, search for keyword “business”.
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For the one stop government website, you have the, the official gateway to all things related to government. Other useful and frequently used government websites are:

National Library – useful for finding books online, check their availability at the various branches and renewal of borrowed book online. One of the most innovative government websites if not the best.

Police – Need Singpass authentication userid/pwd for the following services, this service is not available for foreigners.

  • Electronic Police Centre (ePC) – For reporting of non-emergency police reports (e.g. report of lost phones, stolen bicycles etc) that do not require immediate Police action. It will save you more than 2 hours waiting and interrogation time typically wasted at the police post.
  • Stolen and Lost Property Index (SPEX) – Singapore Police Force –  contains records of selected property with serial numbers (e.g. mobile phones, laptop etc) which have been reported to the Police as stolen or lost. Useful for checking whether second-hand/used goods are stolen or not. (to access IMEI on your mobile: dial *#06#)– an outsourced government website for all things related to transport. From checking the webcams for the various traffic hotspots in Singapore, paying your traffic fines, buying of OPC license, bidding of COEs, to renewing the license, this website as almost everything you need for vehicle related matters.

Central Provision Fund– A really poorly designed website but nevertheless a necessary evil if you have to check your CPF statement, arrange your home loan or submit the pay information to the authority.

Flood-prone check – you can check the water level of these flood-prone areas on a google map style view:

Enterprise One (Business related portals) – A one-stop business portal that allows you to apply for licenses required to set up a business in Singapore.

  • EDB FAQ : Covers lots of Government links pertaining to setting up company/rept office, investing in Singapore, recruitment of foreign workers, applying for patents/trademarks, Import/Export Documentation etc.


Employment Pass

“Free” Legal Advice

  • IP Legal Clinics: A service provided by legal firms but funded by IPOS, technically not free but on a reimbursement basis. click here to make an appointment. T: +65 6339 8616

Complaints against “neighbours from hell” 

  • Under the Community Disputes Resolution Act passed in March 2015, the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRT) are given powers to resolve intractable neighbourly disputes as a last resort.Previously, people could turn to the Community Mediation Centre (CMC) if they could not settle disputes on their own or with the help of grassroots leaders. Unlike the CMC which cannot issue legal order, the CDRT , which has jurisdiction on claims of up to $20,000, has more teeth. An Exclusion Order can also be applied to force the neighbour to move out of his home. (More)
  • Filing a Claim in the CDRT – State Courts

Unclaimed money

Social Help Hotlines




Todayonline. This is probably our all time favorite.This free newspaper by Mediacorp has been distributing mainly at the MRT Stations every morning for many years now and has given the incumbent SPH a run for their money.  The electronic version is even more amazing, not only it is fast, it is highly interactive.

  • – the front page flash page features breaking news and interesting reads.
  • – arguably the only local news portal that report neutral news about Singapore and at times critical of Singapore Government


TemasekReview. Want to hear an alternative voice from the main stream media? has many featured articles that you will not find in many main stream media. Many articles are highly critical to the government policies. The discussions are almost always one-sided for the many unhappy dissidents to “throw stones” at the ruling party.

MrBrown and YeoCheowTong. Want something light hearted and yet poking fun at the government and ruling party? Try these two satire websites especially the latter. This may be a way for Singaporeans and dissidents in letting go of their frustrations since they can not launch demonstrations and strike legally.

ChewOnIt often digs social issues with a deep sense of humour using cartoons Arguably the best cartoonist in Singapore.


Sex Offender Unofficial Registry: to search and find out of previous sex convicts which have been released or still in prison.


Maps / Journey Planner.

Carpark Info.

  • sgcarmart:find the cheapest car park ratein Singapore. bad user interface but makes it up with its user friendliness and updated information. Currently the search facility still have not included postal code and road name search. Mobile app carpark info: Park&GO @SG and
  • Real-time Parking Lots Availability. Check for real-time parking lots availability in commercial buildings.

Carpool. more new rules and regulation on carpooling in Singpaore

On-demand delivery service matching sites
Unlike CarPal and RocketUncle, Easy Van and GoGoVan are online delivery service at a predetermined cost.

Free shuttle services


Surprising but it is true, there is no one-stop website that sells general stuff from ink cartridges, locks, books, computers etc. You can almost shop almost everything on eBay and most of the sellers are willing to ship the item to Singapore free or at a low cost. You will be surprise many items sold on eBay and Qoo10 are cheaper than the local stores. As of 2012, Qoo10 has bypassed Ebay to become the preferred e-commerce website in Singapore.

      • – largest e-commerce site in Singapore
      • other smaller e-commerce websites include,

Flea Markets. Want to know where to find out the many flea markets in Singapore?

Indicative price list of electronic and IT goods sold in Singapore. has an extensive collections of past IT/PC shows events. and VR-Zone is another two websites where you can download the latest pricelist in Sim Lim’s computer-related products.

Insurance. compareFIRST allows consumers to compare about 200 life insurance products offered by a dozen insurance companies in Singapore. More: compareFIRST… before Buying Life Insurance

Credit Cards



      • – offers community reviews and ratings of the popular food stalls and restaurants in Singapore
      • – an alternative website for Singapore food guide
      • Foodpanda: largest food delivery website in Singapore
      • Chope: is a real time restaurant-reservation booking platform that connects diners with its partner restaurants.



Buying and Selling of Used Goods – the followings are the more popular website for buying and selling of second-hand goods.

Motoring and Transport

Wedding, Bride and Motherhood

Renting, Swopping,Bartering,Exchange or Free



      • List of farms to visit
      • Kidz Amaze is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Singapore that is equipped with vertical mazes and huge playground arena.
      • Kaboodle Kids– based on innovative Imagination Playground as invented by David Rockwell, an innovative game that encourages children to exercise their creativity


All about local and overseas postage, click here.

Ulink Assist – Medical Tourism, medical concierge provider

Want to watch Singapore News and Dramas while traveling or living overseas? This is a live saver for the homesick Singaporeans, it is free for now (Dec 2012): Toggle Now App is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Bank and Branch Code Guide for all banks operating in Singapore.

Want to know the top ranking websites in Singapore? Click here.

What are the must-have apps to download in Singapore? check out:

Must-have Singapore Mobile Apps

Mobile Data Roaming Guide

Wedding Ang Bao (Red Packet) Rates

Ang Pao (Red Packet) Guide

Last updated on Feb 2019

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