Why not let residents choose their mayors?

“Fewer citizens now believe the PAP has our interests at heart because the PAP has thrived on:

1 Minimal transparency
2 No accountability
3 Maximum control of citizens through its absolute control of state resources, civil service, grassroots and security forces.”

– likedatosocanmeh


Why not let residents choose their mayors?

Source: Straits Times,  NOV 18, 2014

IT HAS always been the practice for the Prime Minister to appoint mayors in the five community development councils (CDCs) to serve the needs of residents.

Over the years, Ministers of State and elected People’s Action Party MPs have taken on the role of mayors in the five districts.

The CDCs are key agents in ensuring that help is delivered efficiently and promptly to needy Singaporeans.

Generally, most residents are more acquainted with their MPs than their mayors, as they are in touch with the former through Meet-The-People Sessions and community events.

Perhaps it is time to test out a bold idea. Just as citizens get to vote for their MPs through the ballot box, why not allow them to also select their mayors through the same process? This will help to make Singapore a more democratic society.

Raymond Anthony Fernando