Woodlands park

Tucked away in a corner of Marsiling close to the Causeway and housing blocks, the Woodlands park was built in 1983, with seven Chinese pavilions and six Malay huts on stilts.

But over the last decade, it has developed a seedy reputation. The 11ha park is largely deserted in the day. At night, transvestite prostitutes solicit for business at its carpark – always full with vans and lorries parked overnight, and at a bus stop next to it.

The sex trade gets busier over the weekends, when as many as seven prostitutes ply their trade. Services are offered for as low as $30. Customers are often foreign workers, although Singapore-registered cars can also be seen pulling into the carpark.

More reports refer to Straits Times 11 Oct 2015 “MP pledges to clean up sleazy Woodlands park”.