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Sympathy knows no borders

Source: The Sunday Times, Jun 19, 2011 Foreign maids are no less deserving of help and understanding By Lee Wei Ling Our Indonesian maid Siti has worked for my family for more than three years. She is a small woman,

Hard Truths in Singapore (Mr Brown edition)

Source: Hard Truths 1. You may never get to vote in this lifetime. Hard Truths 2. Those who CAN vote will complain & complain about the Govt but when elections come, will end up voting them back in. Hard

Political engagement comes of age

by P N Balji Source: Todayonline May 06, 2011 Whichever way the result goes, whatever election strategies that were used, however intense the campaign was, one unmistakable message is shaping General Election 2011. The Singaporean voter wants to engage and

Persisting Despite Everything

Editors’ Note: A rare peak into the life of the Lee’s family. Dispelling many unfounded rumours that MM Lee was angry with the daughter-in-law Ming Yang who had an albino child and the mistery death of Ming Yang.   Persisting

Faith In Tolerance

Source: The Straits Times, Apr 9, 2011 After 22 years, my devout Christian mum reconciled her faith with traditional Chinese beliefs By terence tan, view point –PHOTO: REUTERS An inter-religious dialogue of sorts took place within my family recently. For

For PAP new faces, a great chance for some bold talk

Source: Todayonline  Mar 15, 2011 by P N Balji The next significant signpost on the road to the General Election should appear any time now – the new faces of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) being introduced to the media

A tale of two different dwellers (Singapore’s Own Caste System?)

Are there different policies for different addresses? by Conrad Raj Source: Sep 21, 2010 While there is little by way of a caste system here, there continues to be a perceived divide between the Housing Board dwellers and those who live in

Live Your Dreams, With or Without Help

Source: The Straits Times, March 2 2011 Sam Tan tells of a troubled family and old men with determination By Jeremy Au Yong IF YOU have a dream, live it. It was not the sort of message expected during a

Rare peek into intra-Cabinet politics

By Elgin Toh A fuller picture of Singapore’s political history is emerging, thanks to revelations made by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in a new book, Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going. Disagreements within the Cabinet and

When bundle of joy turn to sorrow

Source: The Sunday Times 13 Feb 2011 Childless couples can seek medical help or turn to adoption, but be aware of the risks  I have a 32-year-old family friend who has been married for more than six years but had