Uniquely Singapore?

Saw this excellent image in a Todayonline’s article about our dear PM Junior Lee trying to use his mighty wits trying to explain the implication of the Race Course Road riots. As one forumer pointed out, “Lee Hsien Loong, Teo Chee Hean and many of the PAP Ministers were very fond of “reminding” Singaporeans instead of “reminding” themselves to wake up ..!!” It is time for the PAP leaders to read Han Fook Kwang’s “The real fear: Being pushed out of home” and treat it like a bible if this Government wants our respect!

Askmelah particularly like another forumer (a “John Smith”)’s remark which in my opinion sums up aptly why PM Lee junior is doing poorly his PM job vis-a-vis his senior: “While Lee Kwan Yew could predict the social ramifications of immigration 40 years ago, conversely, Lee Hsien Loong isn’t even able (or is unwilling) to recognise the underlying causes for the unhappiness with foreigners. Instead, Lee Hsien Loong and his government always place the blame on “a small group of dissenters” fanning public unhappiness with their online vitriol.” Askmelah will add that not just many local Singaporeans that are unhappy, the new immigrants, PRs, the work permit holders and these lowly paid workers all suffered as a result of PM Lee junior’s poorly conceived immigration and growth policies since he took over the PM job.




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My favourite quote today

"I am afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit, and it used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer’s claim that it is not sinkable, the name is Titanic. There are not enough life boats, no preparation or provision for failure. Thank you Mr Goh for reminding us." - Low Thia Khiang

"Till today, I am still puzzled by why the PAP cannot fight a fair election without gerrymandering, abusing the GRC system, basically, making sure they enter into a boxing ring with an opponent who is expected to fight them with hands tied behind the back. There is a reason why bullies are not popular in schools. Why not be the school prefect?" - Alvinology

"The question to ask is what lies at the root of the discontent or the disengagement between the G and the people. I am going to stick my neck out and say that it is ministerial salaries. I consider it the root of all evil. Serious. It reduces what should be a social compact into a business contract. " - Bertha Henson