“Staring” incidents often leads to fights and deaths

Despite the tremendous progress of the society, the old bad habits of “staring” incidents still have not gone the way of dinosaurs. The latest one involved a gang of five to seven teenagers who attacked a Chinese boy and his Indian friend, who is a student from top school Raffles Intuition. The has a black eye and the poor Indian boy was stabbed twice but survived. One of the most profile case of ‘staring” incident happened last year in which a 19-year-old student Darren Ng Wei Jie was hacked to death with a chopper at Downtown East after members of a gang accused him of staring. The psychic of “staring” has a lot to do with the Asian’s way of “face-loving”, by accusing someone of staring at them and challenging them for a fight, these youngsters and mostly gangsters have a go with their stupid sense of bravoda.

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