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Singaporeans are famous for their Kiasu (afraid to lose) behaviours, we capture all forms of bad ugly Singaporeans behaviour here.

Make a scene over trivial matter – Ugly budget airline travelers

Come on, it is not easy being the front line staff. Why make their day miserable by scolding them as if they were the ones that cause the trouble or delay? Disgraceful for Tiger passengers to stage sit-in From He

Uproar over giving maids one day off

Some Singaporeans’ negative reactions to the new policy unfortunately affirm what many other cultures think of us: A spoilt, soulless society with a huge sense of entitlement. How can we be a society with soul if we cannot even consider

Ugly Singaporeans – AGM/EGM at its worst!

While I have heard and read about it many times form newspapers, nothing beats seeing it first hand. The particular EGM was a shareholders’ meeting to elect a new group of directors, some ugly scenes witnessed that are simply mind

The appalling “not in my backyard” (NIMBY) attitude

“Such engagement on the building of eldercare facilities will attract only the noisy minority. What about the quiet majority who do not mind having the nursing home, or who are supportive of it, like me?”- Yeo Chiat Wei “How sad!

Paid to queue – A new social illness

Many Singaporeans are rich but have no time, so they ask their maids, their foreign workers to queue on their behalf. The latest is to pay students as “part time workers” to queue for buying a flat. What message are

Singaporeans ‘could be more gracious’

Source: extracted from todayonline  Jul 5, 2011 Singaporeans think themselves kinder and more gracious than their fellow citizens, according to the latest poll conducted by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM). The findings, in the words of SKM general manager William Wan,

Low mentality of some Singaporean employers (and the Government) in treating maids

Too many foreign maids died unnecessarily The downside of maid culture in Singapore Askmelah’s Note:  As of 2011, there are curently 201,000 maids working in Singapore. Some of the third world mentality of some employers here (PRs and foreigners included) include: –

Uncivilised Behaviour – A Youtube Collections

Woman clipping leg’s nail in MRT!    

Top 10 Ungraceful Habits of Singaporeans

Source: SGClubs Ever felt irritated by your fellow Singaporeans? Or maybe by that auntie who is always gossiping so loudly in public areas? Well, SGClub presents to you the top 10 most irritating habits Singaporeans have. You’d probably find yourself

Please Give Way to Ambulance, You Inconsiderate Drivers!

Recently, an ambulance carrying a patient to Changi General Hospital was stuck in traffic, and the delay may have eventually cost the life of , Mr Lee Khoon Bock, who had suffered heart failure near the East Coast Food Centre