Must-have Singapore Mobile Apps

In no particular order though based mainly on Android OS, most should have an equivalent App in iOS, these are the most useful apps in Singapore that one can not do without and they are all free:

  1. MeRadio : online radio App. No more bad reception. However, the App desperately needs a long-overdue update by Mediacorp.
  2. Today: online news App, who still need to pay Straits Times when you can have it free on your mobile?
  3. AXS: Pay your mobile bill, credit card bill, JetStar bills, pay parking fines, buy Eday ticket for OPC (off peak car)? no more queuing at the AXS machines.
  4. SGMalls: Find your favorite shops in the mall near you. It even features detailed floor plans!
  5. Traffic Cam: Check out the road conditions before you drive. Most useful to check the Causeway Jam.
  6. SBS Next Bus: When will my next bus come? A bit unstable and mostly accurate 80% of the time.
  7. Singapore Map: The all time favorite now comes to mobile. The map is more detailed than Google Map and it can detects where you are currently. You can even download offline map for Singapore, JB and KL!!!
  8. Live 4D: always available even during peak, shame on SingpoarePools for its poor website. Other variants for Toto is called Live Toto, Sweep (lottery) – Live Sweep.
  9. EzLink: Now you can top up and check the transaction history of your Ezlink card. Only works for Android phone which supports NFC, shame on Apple for still not coming out with NFC phone.
  10. Cab@SG: Booking taxi is a real challenge in Singapore, with this App, no more memorising of the 6 or 7 taxi companies’ booking numbers. Just press the button on the App and it will dial for you. However, it sure does not solve the unavailability of the taxi during peak hours, sorry!
  11. PageAdvisor. Need a plumber? An aircon servicing? Page Advisor changes that by allowing users to engage service providers and view merchant ratings via the app. Users fill up details pertaining to the job request, after which they will receive multiple quotes minutes after submitting the request. Payment is made by credit card within the app itself, which does away with the hassle of cash or check payments. Page Advisor has agreements with up to 1,400 businesses in Singapore, and over 100 different services are already available on the app. The service was launched in 2015.
  12. Carousell is a classified, Craigslist-like app to sell the clutter in your life and find great deals to save you cash. List something for sale in 30 secs and buy what you need in a chat.

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Last updated: 7 Oct 2015




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  1. weAppz says:

    SIN MRT – help you get the best route within second.

  2. SG Petrol Price : find the cheapest petrol in Singapore :

    SuperDuper Green : Recycle in Singapore made easy

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