Parking woes in Singapore – Complicated traffic rules

You need a PHD not to flout parking rules in Singapore

Double yellow line: No parking on this side of the road

Single solid line: No parking on either side of the road

Dashed (Broken) line: Can park at both side of the road (with some exception)

Clear enough? wait till you see some of the examples here:

  • You must use PARKING LOT – this guy got a parking ticket for parking in front of his own house, without blocking any one except himself, despite the broken line outside the house.
  • Alert! Parallel Parking in Roadside URA lots- $50 Fine..! – this guy was fined for “Failure to obey sign(s) displayed in a parking place.” but he was actually fined for parking “Inside Parking Lot, Against Traffic Flow” which harms no one.

OMG, these stupid rules suck!

Of course you can appeal, it makes the guy sitting in the aircon office feels that he has all the power at his disposal to decide the fate of someone, and you better pray that he has not been scolded by his wife that morning or having a bad day looking at your appeal!

Less parking space available while car population shoots up!

On a side note, “High demand for lots takes toll on HDB’s free family parking scheme“, we have been witnessing our free car park space dwindle over the years while the car population exploded. The latest casualty is many lanes of Little India does not offer free parking after 5pm and weekends anymore. This is a brilliant money making scheme which can not be copied by most other countries (and it is a shame that the Singapore Government did not patent it!) unless the local Government risk losing the election or face massive protest.

And the inaction of both TP and LTA added to drivers’ woes

“No action taken despite parking, speeding feedback”

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