Singapore ruled by doing the right thing not popular vote, it’s a myth!!!

“Having been involved in three assessment reports, Dr Wong is not very optimistic that governments will put in place essential mitigation and adaptation infrastructure – despite the fact that measures, such as planting of mangroves, need not be costly.”Governments will drag their feet despite what the scientists say.””–  Dr Wong Poh Poh

Remember this slogan?

So the current batch of Singapore Government really want us to believe that they are doing the right thing not winning votes, then

The list can go on and on, so please PM and ministers, please cut the crap about the you are doing the right things for Singapore, rather it should be you think that they are doing the right things for Singapore but sadly many masses felt very unforgiving about the many policy mistakes in the last few years and you are continuing to make those mistakes, giving more handouts will not solve these problems that was created by this Government in the first place.