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Everything you want to know about sharing a car (Carpooling) in Singapore

Source: Unknown ”New carpooling laws allow drivers to be paid” The headline is borrowed from a Straits Times news article that appeared on 6 March 2015. The link to the story is below and also in to the picture. The

Is Singapore preparing for the next wave of population increase and boom?

Askmelah is getting very worried with the latest round of booming constructions all around the island. Other than the building of three new hospitals, and the constructions of a few more MRT lines (which I have lost counts how many

Must-have Singapore Mobile Apps

In no particular order though based mainly on Android OS, most should have an equivalent App in iOS, these are the most useful apps in Singapore that one can not do without and they are all free: MeRadio : online

Keeper of light

Source: The Straits Times  10 Mar 2014 Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 Toh Yong Chuan The Straits Times SINGAPORE – The colonial-style building has a private jetty where a 20m luxury yacht can dock and a dining room with a 180-degree

When you suspect your telephone, broadband or mobile network is down, who do you check?

There have been quite a few outages in the last few years, so the following info may come in handy. Call their hotlines (which you likely to get through when there is a outage): Singtel: 1688, M1: 1627,


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Do You Know our old road/place names?

大马路 is North Bridge Road 二马路 is Victoria Street 三马路 is Queen Street 四马路 is Waterloo Street 五马路 is Bencoolen Street 六马路 is Princep Street 七马路 is Selegie Road View Larger Map   A-Z List Of Alternative Chinese Street Names

What Is Truly Unique to Singapore (Uniquely Singapore)?

“If one measures it in our uniquely Singapore ways, like dignity is measured by how much one’s income, and education is measured by how many straight As, then we are very successful.” Prior to year 2010, the tagline for the

POSB Bank Code Branch Code Swift Code

For transferring of money (TT) into a POSB SINGAPORE BANK ACCOUNT from other Banks in Singapore or Transferring money into POSB Singapore Bank Account from overseas. Name of Account: (receiver’s full name as in Account) DBS BANK ADDRESS: 12 MARINA

Feng Shui in Singapore

Collection of Fengshui Stories in Singapore Disclaimer: this is meant for knowledge sharing and some details are based on local folklore or hearsay, so take it with a pinch of salt. It is not meant as a fengshui guide. Feng